Complete Data Quality resells software products from Infonomics Technologies.

These proprietary software products are based on decades of data profiling experience and help to automate the analysis, remediation, and transformation of data to a clean state.

Data Quality Assessment Manager (DQAM)

The DQAM defines the steps in the assessment process and guides project managers, the data quality team and the data community. The DQAM supports a comprehensive analysis of all values and offers the following capabilities:

  • Validation of value sets, reference data and master data
  • Automatic identification of rudimentary quality problems through an inference engine
  • Rule requirement review, definitions and specifications
  • Generation of data quality assessment scores and reports

Data Quality Rules Manager (DQRM)

The DQRM uses rule specifications generated through the DQAM to create the remediation and transformation rules. The DQRM then automatically generates rules as SQL code for testing and validation, then once approved, generates implementation for use in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) programs.

DQAM Sensitive Data Discovery (DQAM SDD)

The DQAM SDD is ideal for identifying the most sensitive data and ensuring compliance with GDPR, PII, PCI and PHI.

This advanced scanning technology software enables analysts to define business data elements with multiple characters or metadata for an attribute. It also enables the analyst to define value patterns unique to the DQAM technology and create logic based on combinations of patterns and values. The analyst then defines the targets to be scanned and has full control over how much metadata to use in the scans.

Complete Data Quality resells software products from blueFlash Software.

These proprietary software products are based on decades of data quality analysis experience, and help to automate the analysis and remediation steps required to transform data to a clean state.

Clean Cloud

Clean Cloud provides comprehensive automation for identifying and resolving data quality problems. This automation reduces the time necessary to identify and resolve data quality problems to a fraction of the time required by traditional analysis. The results of the automation are so consistent and accurate, they are certifiable.

Data Certification

Data Certification provides the ability to certify data as “fit for use”. The results created by the Clean Cloud software product are presented to the data community for certification. The software guides and tracks the data community through the entire certification process. The certification results are ideal for ensuring your data is of the highest quality possible with the documentation to prove it.