Data Quality Rules Manager

The Data Quality Rules Manager (DQRM) from Infonomics Technologies is intended for creating the remediation and transformation rules. The software is only viable with the rule specifications developed from the DQAM. The rules manager has the same look and feel as the DQAM. The intention of the rules manager is to allow the analyst to automatically generate the rules from specifications identified during the assessment process in the DQAM.

The workflow necessary to create the rules is defined using chevrons very similar to the DQAM. Given the rule specifications have been created properly in the DQAM, the remediation and transformation rules will be automatically generated as SQL code. Following the workflow, the analyst is able to test and validate the SQL code using the interface to ensure the code works properly. Given successful testing, scripts are generated for use in ETL or given to a database administrator for implementation. The rules manager ensures that the data is remediated in the source system or transformed properly for use in target systems.

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