Data Certification

Data Certification from blueFlash Software delivers data certified as “fit for use”. This is achieved by having the data community review and certify the results produced by the Clean Cloud software.

This software provides project management capabilities that allow data assets to be selected for certification. Specific attributes are then scheduled to be certified by the data community. The scheduling identifies when the certification work is to be started and finished by the data community. The scheduling supports assigning specific community members to certify attributes or by driving the certification by the roles assigned to the data community members. In either case, these capabilities provide complete transparency into the certification process and support managing the entire certification project in real time.

The schedule guides the data community members through the certification process. The members are presented with the data scheduled for certification. The members review and certify the data with a push of the button. The data community has complete authority over the entire certification process.

Data Certification delivers data that is certified as “fit for use” by the data community and the documentation to prove it.

Contact CDQ for a product demonstration and learn how your data community can certify your data as “fit for use”.