Clean Cloud

Clean Cloud from blueFlash Software introduces revolutionary data quality analysis automation. The software is driven by a powerful data classification engine that utilizes machine learning algorithms to automatically identify and resolve data quality problems. This eliminates the tedious, error-prone manual analysis involved with traditional data quality products and increases the accuracy and consistency of the data quality results. This software supports the ability to identify and resolve all value-level data quality problems comprehensively with the push of a button.

Clean Cloud also provides applications to analyze and clean entire databases or AWS S3 buckets with the push of a button. The software never changes the source data and instead allows the user to select a target to store the clean data. The target may be the same as the source or changed to one of the supported targets. For example, the source is a relational database and the target is an AWS S3 bucket. In this example, all the tables in the database would be analyzed and the cleansed data would be stored in the AWS S3 bucket as CSV files. The reverse is supported as well, CSV files in an AWS S3 bucket are analyzed and the cleansed data is stored in targeted database tables. This makes Clean Cloud ideal for integrating clean data to cloud assets or for cleaning data lakes and other data assets already in the cloud.

Clean Cloud provides analytical tools to review and validate the results from the data quality applications. Rather than performing the data quality analysis manually, the analyst validates the results produced by the classification engine are correct. Erroneous results are fed to the machine learning algorithms to automatically adjust the data constraints for the data classes. This automation removes the tedious process of configuring or coding data rules manually.

Clean Cloud was coded by a data analyst with over twenty years of data quality analysis experience. The intent was to automate the manual data quality analysis process and to increase the efficiency of the process and the accuracy of the results. Schedule a demonstration to see how Clean Cloud automates the entire process to deliver clean data.