Sensitive Data Solution

This solution is ideal for locating sensitive data for GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, or PII/PCI/PHI initiatives. The solution takes advantage of the DQAM Sensitive Data Discovery software (DQAM SDD). The solution is intended to locate sensitive data across the organization’s databases and files. The data may be structured format or unstructured format. The unstructured data may be in email files, pictures, and other unstructured formats.

The solution is ideal for identifying all of the sensitive data across the entire organization. This is important for GDPR so that it can be properly tracked and reported on to government agencies. However, even for U.S. companies not concerned about GDPR or the California Consumer Privacy Act, knowing where sensitive data is located is important so that it can be protected properly. Knowing where the sensitive data is located allows the organization to encrypt it and limit access to it. This can’t be done if the organization does not know where it is located, which is often a problem for most organizations.