Customer Data Quality Turnkey Solution

Standing up a solution for customer data quality initiatives is often very time consuming and costly. Identifying the software, hardware, and human resources takes time. Add to that the time necessary to implement the hardware and software, plus the time necessary to train the resources. All of this can take months and months to complete for most organizations.

Our turnkey solution solves this problem by providing analysts that are fully trained to utilize the Data Quality Assessment Manager (DQAM) software to locate the data quality problems in your customer data. Our analysts walk in the door, install the software on your dedicated server, and begin working that same day. Your organization has results within days instead of within months.

Data quality is our primary business and our consultants are experts at delivering these types of projects successfully. Our primary goal is to make our clients successful and this turnkey solution delivers that success by removing all of the variables that can lead to failure. We offer this solution as a month-by-month charge until all of your customer data is cleansed. The solution is scalable to meet your organization’s timeframes by adding resources as necessary.

See the information sheet for this solution for more details or contact for more information.