Data Quality Project

This solution is ideal for implementing a data quality solution for a specific project. Typical projects are data intensive; data warehousing project, master data management, big data, reference data, business intelligence, data governance, or a move to the cloud.

This solution utilizes our proprietary data quality software that automates the analysis to identify and resolve data quality problems for a project’s data. This automation delivers faster and more consistent results, accelerating the entire data quality process. The clean data is placed in a target that may be JSON, CSV, or relational. The targets may be stored locally or in the cloud, AWS S3 buckets are supported.

This solution scales from small to enterprise-level projects easily. The solution supports analyzing entire databases or all the CSV files in an AWS S3 bucket en masse. For example, this solution supports automatically analyzing and correcting all of the data quality problems within the tables for a selected relational database and placing the cleaned data in CSV files within an AWS S3 bucket.

The deliverables include the following:

  • Clean data
  • Classification reports
  • Assessment reports
  • Remediation reports

This solution is delivered as a managed service and requires our proprietary software for successful delivery. Ensure your mission critical projects are successful by contacting CDQ today.