Managed Services

Complete Data Quality’s solutions are delivered as managed services. Our experts ensure your data is of the highest quality and ready for certification. All managed services are delivered through your private cloud or on your network. Our managed services bundle the cost of the professional services and software into a single hourly expense. Our proprietary software tracks all the work completed by each user comprehensively, providing complete transparency and control over the work completed by the managed service. This allows for managing the project and the cost of the managed service in real time.

Data Quality Managed Service

This managed service delivers clean data in a fraction of the time required by traditional solutions. Led by a principal consultant, a team of our data quality experts follow our proven method for cleansing data with the Clean Cloud software. All work is tracked comprehensively and monitors allow for managing the work in real time. This managed service is ideal for data integration projects, data quality initiatives, or any project requiring high quality data.

Data Certification Managed Service

This managed service delivers data certified as “fit for use” by your data community. Our data quality experts work with our proprietary Clean Cloud software to prepare the data for certification. Your data community then utilizes our Data Certification software to review and certify the data. The entire process is tracked comprehensively and supports managing the certification in real time.

Professional Services

Complete Data Quality is primarily a professional services organization.  Our founder personally trains all of our consultants to ensure that CDQ solutions are delivered consistently to our clients.  The quality of delivery is of utmost importance to our organization and we aim to ensure that our clients benefit greatly from every engagement performed.

CDQ consultants are able to engage as staff augmentation in a number of roles with your staff to facilitate your organization’s success.  If necessary, CDQ can also provide entire data quality project teams to augment and support your project needs as well.  Our goal is to provide your organization with the support required to deliver your data quality projects successfully.

As our company name indicates, Complete Data Quality specializes in delivering data quality professional services.  However, our leadership and senior consultants bring years of experience with a great depth of knowledge in the data architecture arena.  Given this experience and knowledge, we also provide exceptional professional services in the following areas: data modeling, data profiling, data analysis, business analysis, data mapping, metadata, metadata repository, master data management, reference data management, data warehousing, business intelligence, big data and more.  Typically, these services are delivered in conjunction with our data quality services as needed.