Centralized Data Quality Team

This solution is ideal for creating a centralized data quality team for processing data from across the organization. The goal is to develop data quality analysts that specialize in analyzing data without having specific knowledge about a subject area. This creates data quality analysts that are generalists that can analyze any data across the organization and identify standard problems in the data. This generally represents 70-80% of data quality problems. The remaining 20-30% of data quality problems require detailed analysis, which requires subject area knowledge.

This proven solution is implemented with your existing data profiling solution or if you do not have an existing technology, we recommend the Data Quality Assessment Manager (DQAM) because it automates this solution. In this solution, we work with your management to develop the team in the following ways:

• Guide the data quality project manager to lead the team, manage the workload, coordinate with governance, work with source systems, and lead the meetings with the data community
• Train the data analysts to perform data quality assessments
• Mentor the lead and senior data quality analysts to review assessments, create rule requirements, and create rule specifications
• Work with the rule developers to build and deploy the remediation, transformation, and monitoring rules required to support the data quality initiative
• Meet with the data community to review their role in the centralized data quality assessment process established for the organization
• Create all of the custom documentation for the solution necessary for the team to move forward with the solution

This solution is delivered for most clients in a three to six-month timeframe depending on the size of the organization, number of resources, and the technology leveraged.