DQAM Sensitive Data Discovery

The DQAM SDD from Infonomics Technologies is an advanced scanning technology. This software is built on the same platform as the DQAM product and leverages similar engines. The SDD allows the analyst to define business data elements with the following characteristics or metadata for an attribute:

• Names
• Abbreviations
• Words
• Data types
• Lengths
• Patterns
• Forms
• Absolute patterns

In addition, the analyst is able to define what are called value patterns. The value patterns are unique to the DQAM technology and allow the analyst to create logic based on combinations of patterns and values. This allows the user to define the rules for things such as social security numbers, credit cards, phone numbers, or any other type of specific sensitive data. The analyst may also define values specific to the business data element.

Once the business data elements are defined, the analyst then defines the data targets to be scanned and which business data elements to search for in the data. The analyst has full control over how much of the metadata to use during the scans. This software is ideal for GDPR, PII, PCI, PHI, but there could be many other use cases for the software as well.

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